Self Consciousness vs Self Awareness

“The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.”

Bruce Lee

Self consciousness is making your mind work very hard to think of all things you want to assume other people think about you. It is a mirror of your own mind with reference to others. Your mind projects an image of you in eyes of others based on what you really think of yourself. This becomes a source of misery. An undying cycle of investment in suffering.

A self-conscious mind is a fearful mind. When a person lives with consciousness of self, he/she is worried about how the world thinks about everything he/she does. He gets paralyzed in mind and the forward energy, the momentum to do things is broken. It stops him from confronting himself & look at others in the eye. He wants to ignore of wrong doing assuming his own mistakes will be ignored in return.

There is lack of spine in a self conscious person. Indecisiveness and inability to use the very intelligence that all beings are born with the one that governs every aspect of our subconscious being because of learned intellect takes over.

He retorts to lying and hiding simple facts, creating a story that is hard to believe. Such a person is devoid of plain speak. This leads to one becoming unsure of his character and destroys steadfastness required to build esteem. He is burdened by loath and self guilt.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

– Lao Tzu

On the other hand, self awareness is beautiful. It is the very opposite of self consciousness. A self-conscious person shy’s away from observation, a self-aware person observes. He makes mental notes.

While packing his bags, an aware mind focuses on whether everything that is required for the trip is packed or not. If the tickets are in order, wallet is placed in the bag and so on. He is sure of what he does. His subconscious registers the very little details of his doing. While a self-conscious man drifts away into wondering about his self image & lets auto pilot take over. This man  is uncertain about whether his wallet is in his bag or not. He will open his bags a 100 times to check whether it is there or not and then forget it each time that he checked.

Awareness can be built. But while building it one has to break the auto pilot mode. Auto pilot actions are actions that happen in line of your plan but you dont register them because your mind is wandering.

A newer software has to be installed that registers all movements of the auto pilot. If you remove your watch and place it on the table, register it. Also, awareness is analytical. It is not impulsive. It allows you to observe, learn, find patterns & then understand the situation. Like someone staring at you can make you angry on uncomfortable. Awareness is a registry that analyzes and concludes that people stare. It is not harmful  but it notes this behaviour of people.  Self consciousness brings out a reaction.  Eventually, it becomes a spinal response.

Hon. Major Deepak Rao, my teacher, says this often. There is a democracy of distribution. SOme people get somethings others dont. Someone may be rich and attractive but very unhappy. Someone may not be so rich or attractive but in a mood that lifts spirit all around. Similar to our physical attributes are our mental attributes. But the beauty of mind is that it is not fixed. It can be changed by thinking, training, contemplation and realization.

Awareness is the admiration of the beautiful flower, self-consiousness is the sulk of wondering why is it not yours.

Be Aware ! Be Grateful !



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